Our specialty is accounting systems for small and medium size businesses and our WayZ ERP is a simple, but powerful accounting system for the entire ERP chain and covers;

VAT Management – VAT can be selected on Customer, Supplier and Item basis. Advanced VAT report for details and outputs/inputs.

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Sales & Account Receivable

Open customer accounts and customer branches. Make sales areas, sales types, sales groups, sales men groups. Moreover, make sales groups for grouping customer branches. Prepare.

Purchase & Account Payable

Open supplier accounts, make purchase orders, goods receivable notes, payment terms clearing of goods receivable notes and entry of supplier price lists etc.

Inventory & Stocks

Record stock items, define item categories, item locations, record location transfers and other adjustments. Also, set re-order levels for inventory items.


Prepare bills of materials, Work Center inquiries and Work Order entries Feasibility of adding advanced production and simple assembling features.

Accounting software for small business

Cash & Bank

Open bank and petty cash accounts. Plus record payments, deposit and withdrawals in related accounts. Various currencies can be added and currency conversion is also possible.

General Ledger

Open general ledger accounts, account classes and groups. Also record general entries, budget entries and generate ledger accounts detailed enquirers with drill down reports.


Print, email and convert into pdf all your reports. Can also export the reports in MS Excel/Open Office Calc format and generate reports on periodic and financial years basis.

Access Levels and Adaptation

Different corporations are often set-up at the same time Separate monetary years are often created and closed against entries Multi user access with totally different privileges.